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  • AF Commendation Medal Given by "MAFFS 7" Survivors

    Deploying to help the U.S. Forest Service fight wild fires is nothing out of the ordinary for the North Carolina Air National Guard. As one of only four units in the United States that have C-130 aircraft capable of carrying the Modular Airborne Fire-Fighting Systems (MAFFS), these airmen are used to frequent deployments during the nation's
  • NCANG, 145th MDG Top Three Females Lead the Way

    Bringing in the New Year means a lot of things to a lot of folks, from making resolutions to rethinking our goals, taking on new challenges and looking for ways to grow. For members of the North Carolina Air National Guard, it is about new positions, new faces, and new opportunities that are now being seen as the 145th Airlift Wing presses forward
  • 245th Civil Engineering Flight Welcomes New Commander

    At the start of a New Year we crack open some fossils, peer back into ancient memories, make resolutions that we will probably break and look for opportunities that will hopefully make our future brighter and more rewarding. Start with a fresh page. Take up one more notch in the buckle if necessary, or let out one, according to circumstances; but
  • NC Air National Guard Continues to Lead and Support National Forest Fire Fighting Mission

    With the start of any New Year comes changes and new beginnings but for Charles D. Davis III, commander of the 145th Operations Group, North Carolina Air National Guard, things will remain the same. Davis will once again command the national military mission charged with combating wildland forest fires known as the Modular Airborne Fire Fighting
  • NC Air National Guard Officer Leads National Forest Fire Fighting Mission

    Union County resident Col. Charles D. Davis III will command the national military mission charged with combating wildland forest fires known as the Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System."MAFFS is a team effort," said Davis, Operations Group commander, 145th Airlift Wing, located at the North Carolina Air National Guard base at Charlotte-Douglas
  • Tied by Yellow Ribbon, NCANG and SCANG Host Joint Event

    For the first time Yellow Ribbon Support Specialists Phil Jonas, North Carolina Air National Guard and Brian Bohlman, South Carolina Air National Guard partnered together by holding a joint Yellow Ribbon event in Charlotte, N.C. Over sixty guard members, who recently returned from a six month deployment, and their families attended this one day
  • 145th Airlift Wing, NCANG Proudly Supports Community with Mini C-130

    Gloves, hats, mittens, even hot coffee could not keep frosty away on that chilly Saturday morning October 26, 2013, but the Seventh Annual Runway 5K Run/Walk still drew almost 2,000 participants to one of the nation's most unique locations and busiest airports: Charlotte-Douglas Intl. Airport. Along with the adult runners in the crowd there were
  • N.C. Army & Air National Guard Firefighters - Maintain Mission Readiness Despite Government Shutdown

    Whether it's racing through city streets dodging traffic with sirens blowing, or being assigned to the front line on the battle field, the men and women who serve as firefighters know the importance of doing things right the first time in order to save lives. When a crowd of frightened people scamper franticly out of a burning building or look on
  • 145th Civil Engineer’s Train While Serving the Community

    There's nothing new about a roomful of guys playing video games. But for members of the 145th Civil Engineer Squadron, North Carolina Air National Guard one video game can be used to sharpen techniques, tactics and skills which contribute significantly to the combat readiness of civil engineers. Each airman plays a special role -- be it driver,
  • 145th Airlift Wing Annual Retiree Breakfast

    They can take our croissants but they'll never take our camaraderie...The 145th Airlift Wing hosted the annual Retiree breakfast in spite of the recent and brief government shutdown, allowing North Carolina Air National Guard members and retired armed forces members plus families to enjoy a warm breakfast and fellowship in a C-130 Hercules aircraft