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  • North Carolina Air National Guard Celebrates 66th Anniversary

    In commemoration of the 66th anniversary of the North Carolina Air National Guard, U.S. Representative Richard Hudson (NC-08) toured the 145th Airlift Wing at the NC Air National Guard base in Charlotte, N.C. The North Carolina Air National Guard origins go back to March 15, 1948 with the establishment of the 156th Fighter Squadron, the oldest unit
  • 145th AW Airmen WIN after competing in First Ever Joint Army NCNG Best Warrior Competition

    It was icy and cold as members of the North Carolina National Guard started the day weighing in and getting ready to compete in the annual Best Warrior Competition. The road to the top is not easy and competitors had to face a multitude of obstacles that tested them both physically and mentally. Events and tasks included: a physical fitness test, a
  • 2nd Star for Brig. Gen. D. Todd Kelly, Assistant Adjutant General for Air, NCNG

    The North Carolina National Guard hosted a pinning ceremony for the promotion of Air National Guard General Officer, Air Force Brig. Gen. David "Todd" Kelly at the NCNG Joint Force Headquarters on March 7, 2014. Kelly was promoted to the rank of major general during a traditional ceremony as a second star was pinned on by his wife Mrs. Renee Kelly,
  • 145th AW Supports State and Local Colleges during Annual College Fair

    The North Carolina Air National Guard supported the community by sponsoring the second annual College Educational Fair during March 2014 Unit Training Assembly(UTA). North Carolina National Guard has partnered with the University of North Carolina General Administrations, who hosted the event for the last two years. The partnership is aimed to
  • U.S. Air National Guard First Sergeant Visits 145th AW

    The blackberry vibrates and the familiar ring grows louder as you pick up the phone, realizing as you answer it in a daze that you are about to end your blissful sleep, that perfect dream...at 0200. Security Police from the base is on the phone. They're very sorry to disturb you (not really!), but they just picked up one of your troops on a drunk &
  • 145th Security Forces Get Physical in Non-Lethal Way

    You drive on base in the early morning hours, show your I.D. to on-duty security personnel and think about all those projects waiting for you when you enter your office. So what happens after you leave the sight of the front gate? Do you really know who is in the car behind you? Unfortunately, the world is not the same as it used to be. People lock
  • 145th AW Keeps "Mission Ready" as 2nd Winter Storm Hits the Carolinas

    February is the month known to bring hearts, roses, chocolates, charms and maybe a diamond or two. But for those living in the south there was no southern charm in the forecast as another winter storm sliced through southern and middle-Atlantic states Wednesday and Thursday activating more than 2,300 National Guard troops with the recovery effort
  • 145th Airlift Wing; Supporting Our Community

    As the snow fell and another winter storm hit Charlotte, members from the 145th Airlift Wing's Chapter 7 Association partnered with the Military Global Leadership Academy, a high school located in Charlotte, N.C., delivering winter clothing to a homeless shelter in Charlotte. Men's coats, hats, gloves and other items were donated by members of the
  • NCANG, 145th AW Appoints First Female to Lead Mission Support Group

    A normal day in our life might look like this: The alarm clock buzzes. We hit snooze twice and steal another 15 minutes. Grab a cup of coffee, a soda or an energy drink to get us moving and drive to work. As we get into the office, yesterday's work crisis weighs heavily on our mind. We go in and out of meetings, chase emails in our inbox, and start
  • Airman Takes "Fini" Flight After 35 Years of Military Service

    In a tradition nearly as old as military aviation itself, Senior Master Sgt. Philip Smith completed his final flight at the North Carolina Air National Guard base on January 16, 2014, symbolizing the end of 35 years of honorable military service.The C-130 Hercules aircraft made its way beneath an arc of water spraying from two fire trucks as it