118th ASOS

The mission of the 118th Air Support Operations Squadron is to advise Army Ground Commanders on the safe, efficient integration of airpower into the overall scheme of battle. Assist them in synchronizing airpower into the specific tactical situation that they are facing and provide them with terminal attack control of joint close air support missions. Through the triad of advise, assist and control the 118th Air Support Operations Squadron provides Army Commanders with the ability to dominate the battlefield through the might and flexibility of airpower.

The 118th Air Support Operations Squadron was originally formed as the 118th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron, of Charlotte, North Carolina. The Detachment of the squadron that would become the 118th ASOS was initially formed in Wadesboro, North Carolina , and designated Detachment A. While designated the 118th ACWS the unit was ordered to active duty during the Korean War with three squadrons of the Georgia Air National Guard on January 8, 1951. On January 2, 1952, the 118th ACWS arrived in French Morocco, North Africa, and set up operations about 20 miles (32 km) from the city of Casablanca. Unit personnel calibrated numerous early warning radar sites for the Strategic Air Command in the Sahara, and in the Atlas mountains in Morocco. From October 8, 1952, until 1999 the unit functioned as a separate state of the art Communications Squadron. In 1999 the Air Force realizing a shortfall, chose to re-role the 118th Combat Communications Squadron into the 118th Air Support Operations Squadron. With this new mission the unit has gone from a front line communications unit to a unit in direct support of the Army war fighter. The 118th ASOS currently is tasked with supporting both the North and South Carolina Army National Guard units.

156th Weather Flight

A photo of members from the 156th Weather flight standing in front of a helicopter.

Accurate weather forecasts are needed by Air National Guard commanders in almost every contingency. The mission of Air Guard Weather is to provide these forecasts allowing commanders to maximize their resources to exploit the enemy using relevant environmental information. Weather units utilize an in-depth understanding of the Earth's atmosphere and the use of satellite, radar and computer models to provide around the clock analyses and forecasts for decision-makers.

Regional Training Site

145th Civil Engineer Regional Training Site. Ready, Relevant, Reliable.

The 145th Regional Training Site provides education in various careers such as emergency management and Fire Rescue. They are located at the New London North Carolina Air National Guard base and service trainees from all over.

118th ASOS Decal

118th ASOS The Final Logo. Unit Crest image.

235th ATCS

Photo of the 145th Air Traffic Control Squadron standing in dress uniform at a memorial in Hawaiii

The 235th Air Traffic Squadron operates out of New London Air National Guard Base. Located in New London, North Carolina, the mission of the 235th Air Traffic Squadron includes the Air Traffic Control mission.

The 235th was recognized for the D. Ray Hardin Air Traffic Control Facility of the Year for 2016.

263rd Combat Comm

Photo of the 235th CCBS standing in front of a satellite holding the North Carolina Flag while in Antarctica.

When military operations around the world need to get their communications up and running, the Air Guard Combat Communications mission makes it happen. This mission deploys, operates and maintains strategic emergency communications. It also plays a critical peacetime role during state-declared emergencies providing vital communications and other needed assistance.

The 263rd Combat Communications Squadron operates out of New London Air National Guard Base. Their mission is to deploy, operate, and maintain strategic emergency communications anywhere in the world in both peacetime and combat environments.