New Aircraft Inspire New Opportunities to Train
145th Airlift Wing, Public Affairs North Carolina Air National Guard
Dec. 2, 2018 | 2:00

As the skies put the raining in training, members of the 235th Air Traffic Control Squadron partnered up with the 145th Logistics Readiness Squadron, Small Air Terminal, to conduct specialized training, securing Air Traffic Control equipment aboard the 145th Airlift Wing’s new C-17 aircraft.

SB: A1C Kyle Karbowski
“We loaded two humvees on the aircraft today, and basically practiced securing the vehicles to the aircraft with 25k pound chains, just like we would do in a real-world scenario, making sure that the vehicles are tied down enough to be secure during flight from transport from one air base to another air base.”

With the 145th Airlift Wing transitioning to a new aircraft, members of the wing are going above and beyond to become mission ready.

SB:A1C Samuel Webber
“We took the MSN 7 and a generator so like if we were going to a deployed environment that’s the type of equipment we would take with us, and we had air transportation do their job where they measure and weigh the humvees and load them up onto the C-17 as if we were going to deploy.”

SB: A1C Patrick Tooker
“I think it went well and the squadrons worked well together. I’ve never gotten to see the loadmasters do their job, everyone weighing and tying down the equipment. I think it was good training for everyone, including myself being new to the process.”

SB: A1C Kyle Karbowski
“Working with loadmasters it was good to get some guidance on mathematical calculations and a little bit of tips and tricks here and there, you know we can always learn from one another.”

From the 145th Airlift Wing Public Affairs I am Staff Sgt. Laura Montgomery.