Information on Base Tours

*Special Notice: The base currently does not have a full time Public Affairs NCOIC. The availability of tours and other PA related services will be limited until the position is filled, we thank you for your patience.

Base Tour requests for both the Charlotte and New London locations are handled by the Public Affairs office. To request a base tour please complete and submit the following forms.

  1. Base Tour Request
  2. Vetting Form

Some information regarding the tours:

  • Base Tours are scheduled with a minimum 30 days notice
  • Due to increased mission demands we will now only schedule tours for the third and fourth Friday of the month. 
  • With some exceptions we ask that all tour attendees be over the age of 14
  • Anyone over the age of 18 will need to be placed on the vetting form, this requires full names, drivers license/ ID number, and social security number so that our security forces can run a full background check.
  • Typical tours involve a C-17 walk through with a pilot and/or crew chief which traditionally takes up most of the scheduled time. If more time is available we visit the maintenance hanger and our memorial site.


Base Tours

A photo of a small tour group standing in front of a C-17 aircraft on the flightline of the North Carolina Air National Guard

Speaker Requests

To request a base speaker for an event, please fill out a speaker request form and submit it to Public Affairs with at least 30 days notice.

Speaker Request Form

Please be advised that making the request is not a guarantee that the unit can or will provide a speaker. We cannot fulfill requests that could be seen as military endorsements of non government associations.

Base Tours

A photo of a veteran on a tour of an Aircraft at the North Carolina Air National Guard

Base Speaker

A photo of Col. Troy Gerock a former Commander of the 145th Airlift Wing at a speaking event in the gymnasium of a Charlotte School.

Contact Numbers

  • 1-800-354-6933
Public Affairs
  • 704-391-4141
Director of Psychological Health
  • 704-391-4433