NCANG Honor Guard

Image of Airmen on the flightline during a ramp formation. The color guard is holding the U.S. Flag and the North Carolina Flag. A C-130 is in the background.

145th AW Honor Guard

The mission of the Honor Guard of the North Carolina Air National Guard is to REPRESENT Airmen to the American Public and the World.

USAF Honor Guard Vision

To ensure a legacy of Airmen who:

PROMOTE the Mission...
PROTECT the Standards...
PERFECT the Image...
PRESERVE the Heritage

If you'd like to join the NCANG Honor Guard, contact the Public Affairs Office

Requesting Honor Guard

Requests for Honor Guard Support are handled through the Public Affairs office in Charlotte. Please fill out the DD 2536 form linked below and then call the PA number listed on this website for further instructions.

DD_2536 Request Honor Guard Participation Public Non-Aviation.pdf