Career Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can I test for CDCs and PME?
Testing during the week is at 0800 on Tuesdays and 1300 on Thursdays. During UTAs, schedule permitting, testing starts at 0915 on Sundays. 145 AW members must have a working CAC card to test.

2.  Does the NCANG offer the AFOQT Test?
AFOQT Testing is on the 1st Wednesday of each quarter (Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct) @ 0800.
You must call 704-391-4348/4371 to reserve a seat.

3.  Does the NCANG offer the ASVAB Test?
ASVAB Testing is on the 2nd Wednesday of each quarter (Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct) @ 0800. You must call 704-391-4348/4371 to reserve a seat.

4.  Can I obtain a CCAF progress report?
Members may obtain a progress report and other CCAF information through AF Virtual Education Center

5.  Where can I find the official guidance on enlisted promotions?
ANGI 36-2502, Promotion of Airmen, HQ NCANG Sup 1, ANGI 36-2502, Promotion of
Airman, and 145AWI 36-2502, Promotion of Airmen all contain the guidance on
requirements for promotion to each required grade.

6.  Who has the authority to promote ANG enlisted personnel?
The authority to promote ANG airmen as Reserves of the Air Force is delegated to The State/Territory Adjutant General IAW policies and procedures established by ANGI 36-2502. Promotions up to the grade of SSgt are approved by the Wing Commander. All other promotions are approved by NCNG Joint Forces Headquarters.

7.  What is the Deserving Airman Program and the Exceptional Promotion Program?
Qualified deserving airmen may be promoted to MSgt or TSgt without regard to position vacancy. However, promotions resulting from this program must be within the manning constraints of ANGI 36-2101. A deserving airman promotion is not a reward for past service, nor is it authorized solely due to an airman's attainment of the minimum eligibility requirements. The limited number of opportunities available under this program requires each commander to objectively evaluate and rank order all nominees so that only truly deserving airmen are promoted. All of the following non-waiverable criteria must be met: The airman must be the sole occupant of a UMD position with an authorized grade identical to their current grade (e.g., a TSgt being considered for deserving airman promotion to MSgt must be the sole occupant of the TSgt position). Upon promotion, the airman must be assigned to the first available position that will resolve the overgrade status. The airman must be fully qualified in the DAFSC to which assigned. The promotion must not result in the airman becoming senior in grade to their immediate supervisor. The airman must meet the requirements listed in ANGI 36-2502 Table 2.2. and Table 2.1. Airmen in retraining status are ineligible for promotion under this program.

The goal of the Exceptional Promotion Program (EPP) is to provide promotion opportunities for traditional guard members by allowing exceptional individuals to attain the senior NCO rank when Unit Manning Document (UMD) authorizations do not exist. Personnel selected from promotion under EPP must be within three years of qualifying for a reserve retirement at the time of submission, and have completed a minimum of 17 years satisfactory service, you must have three years of retainability prior to reaching age 60 and agree to remain in the ANG for three years subsequent to promotion. A key factor is that personnel promoted under the EPP must sign a statement of understanding acknowledging that they will be transferred to the retired reserve or be discharged on the third anniversary of the promotion, unless assigned to a valid UMD vacancy commensurate with the member's grade. No exceptions.

8.  Can a First Sergeant approve a promotion?
No, only commanders are the approving official.

9. Can I be promoted more than one enlisted grade at a time?
No. Airman may not be promoted more than one grade at a time, except if promoted to SSgt to attend a commissioned program or as authorized upon graduation from high school IAW ANGI 36-2002, enlistment and Reenlistment in the Air National Guard and as a Reserve of the Air Force.

10. Do I have to be the sole incumbent of a position to be promoted?
A unit vacancy must exist in the specific AFSC in the grade to which promotion is contemplated, and the individual must be the sole occupant of that valid manpower position

11. Do I incur a service commitment if I am promoted to Technical Sergeant (TSgt)/E6?
No. Airmen promoted to a grade below MSgt do not incur an ANG Service Commitments. See ANGI 36-2101, Chapter 5.

12. How is Time in Service Computed for enlisted promotions?
Time-in-service computations for all promotions will be based on satisfactory years of service for retirement. This may include active duty, active duty enlisted service in a reserve component, or inactive duty in a reserve component.

13. I am a TSgt who has recently been selected as a First Sergeant. Will I get promoted to MSgt before or after I complete the First Sergeant Academy?
TSgt's selected as First Sergeants will be promoted to MSgt under the provisions of paragraph 2.5., Retraining Promotion Program, before attending the First Sergeant Academy. They must attend and successfully complete the First Sergeant Academy within one year of appointment as First Sergeant. Failure to meet this requirement will result in demotion IAW ANGI 36-2503."

14. I am an AGR assigned to a MSgt slot on the Unit Manpower Document. Can I be promoted to SMSgt? 
Military duty personnel (Title 32 USC 502(f)) may not be promoted above the maximum Unit Manpower Document Active authorized grade or the military duty grade authorized.

15. I am an AGR. Am I eligible for promotion under the Deserving Airman Program?
Yes however, The AGR members must meet the minimum deserving airman promotion program criteria. Airmen promoted to MSgt must have a minimum of 18 years of total active federal military service (TAFMS). Airmen promoted to MSgt will be overgrade for a period not to exceed 24 months from the date of promotion. At the end of this 24-month period, they must be reassigned to both a full-time and military position commensurate with their grade. Exceptions or waivers to this will not be considered. Airmen promoted to TSgt must have minimum of 12 years of TAFMS. AGR personnel who are unable to be reassigned to both a full-time and military position commensurate with their grade, are either voluntarily demoted or separation/retirement action will be required. Exceptions or waivers will not be considered.

16. I am currently in an excess status on the manning document. Am I eligible for promotion to the grade of TSgt?
No. An individual sitting in an excess status are not eligible for promotion above the grade of SSgt.

17. I am retraining into a new AFSC. Can I still be promoted?
a. An airman who is retraining may be promoted on the basis of their currently held PAFSC, subject to the following:
b. The airman must be fully qualified for retraining and be accepted by the unit commander into a valid vacant UMD position and the airman must be the sole occupant of the position. In addition, the overall unit manning in the Air Force Specialty into which retraining, must not exceed 100 percent, Including the airman.
c. The airman must sign the following statement that will be attached to the commander's promotion recommendation:
d. I acknowledge that I must qualify for award of the AFSC skill level which is necessary to support my grade in the career field into which I am retraining. If I fail to qualify for award of the AFSC within the time limits established by the commander, I will be demoted to my previously held grade.

18. I have been eligible for promotion to MSgt for the past year and am sitting in a valid UMD position; however, my commander has not recommended me. The fact a member meets each of the eligibility criteria outlined in the promotion guidance does not automatically guarantee promotion to the next  higher grade. Meeting minimum eligibility criteria only indicates that a member can be considered eligible for promotion. Promotion is not a reward for past performance, but recognition of the member's potential to successfully serve in the higher grade. Prior to promotion to any grade, the immediate commander must first recommend the airman.

19. I was recommended for promotion by my squadron commander recommended; however, my group commander did not recommend me for promotion. Can he do that?
Yes. Any command level may deny promotion for their assigned members.

20. Who has the authority to approve promotions to the grades of MSgt, SMSgt and CMSgt?
The authority to approve promotions to the grades of MSgt, SMSgt, and CMSgt is the State Adjutant General. TAG may delegate authority to promote airmen in these grades to the Assistant Adjutant General (AAG) for Air. However, the AAG for Air will not further delegate this authority. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

21. What is the minimum time in grade requirements for an officer to be promoted? 
Generally, but not always, minimum TIG requirements are:
2Lt to 1Lt: 2 years (this would be a mandatory promotion)
1Lt to Cpt: 2 years (this would be a mandatory promotion)
Cpt to Maj: 4 years (this would be a position vacancy promotion)
Maj to LtCol: 4 years (this would be a position vacancy promotion)
LtCol to Col: 3 years (this would be a position vacancy promotion)

22. Are officer promotions automatic when I have met TIG requirements?
Generally, mandatory promotions from 2Lt to 1Lt and 1Lt to Cpt, generally occur at the 2 year TIG, but not always. Position vacancy promotions TIG requirements are the "minimum" and are not automatic. Your Commander needs to submit a position vacancy promotion recommendation package on you and TIG is only one requirement that needs to be met.

23. What is in the position vacancy recommendation package? 
The contents of the position vacancy recommendation package that is submitted for recommendation to the next higher grade are:
1. Recommendation Letter from Your Commander
2. Last two OPRs (some exceptions)
3. AF Form 526
4. Current RIP
5. Current Passing Fitness Assessment

24. If I am a Major in a Major position on the UMD, can my Commander submit me for a position vacancy promotion to LtCol? 
For position vacancy promotion to LtCol, the officer must be the sole occupant of a LtCol position on the UMD.

25. How did this other Major I know get promoted to LtCol when he was in a Major's position on the UMD? 
Generally, the FY before an officer meets 7 years TIG as a major, they will be on a Master Eligibility Listing to meet the Air National Guard Line and NonLine Promotion Selection Board. The Board convenes in the Spring (usually April), and if the officer is selected for promotion, that officer will be promoted to LtCol at 7 years TIG.

26. If I am selected by the Air National Guard Line and Nonline Promotion Selection Board, how long can I stay in a majors position as a LtCol? 
Generally, if a major is selected for promotion to LtCol by this selection board, he is "safe" for 3 years. This allows the officer to meet TIG requirements to retire as a LtCol. If the LtCol is still in the major position at the 3 year TIG mark, generally, he will have to be moved to a LtCol position on the UMD or separate/retire.