145th Civil Engineer Squadron

Photo of the 145th Civil Engineers using clawed vehicles clearing fallen trees from a pathway in the woods of North Carolina

It’s critical that Air Force buildings and structures are not only maintained, but remain combat ready. Responsible for coming up with and implementing solutions to complex problems, Civil Engineers keep our facilities and utilities running effectively. From drafting, surveying and planning to explosive ordnance disposal and disaster preparedness, these highly trained engineers provide necessary problem skills and a wide range of expertise to thousands of structures around the world.

145th Force Support Squadron

Photo of two female Airmen preparing food at the 145th Airlift Wing dining facility.

The 145th Force Support Squadron is responsible for providing military and civilian personnel, manpower and organization, education, professional military education, career enhancement, Airman and family support services, and quality of life programs for military and civilian members and families of the North Carolina Air National Guard. 

145th Communications Flight

photo of a 145th Airlift Wing Communication flight Airman looking at a computer screen in her office.

The Communications and Information Career Field encompasses a broad range of expertise: network systems operations, including information assurance, computer network defense and electronic protection, and information resource management.

The wing comm shop plans, designs, builds, manages, and maintains communications and information systems architectures, plans and organizes comm and info acquisition management activities, performs comm and info engineering functions,and direct information life-cycle management activities.

145th Logistics Readiness Squadron

Photo of the 145th Logistics Readiness Squadron loading and securing two forklifts onto a flat bed truck.

The 145th Logistics Readiness Squadron is an important part of the 145th Airlift Wing. Readiness starts long before we begin any mission. It’s the job of Logistics Readiness Officers to prepare Airmen for anything by ensuring that every person and piece of equipment is ready to go. From distribution and materiel management to contingency and distribution, these experts have a wide range of operations under their watch, ensuring that everything gets where it needs to go, exactly when it needs to get there.

145th Security Forces Squadron

Photo of two security forces Airmen inspecting a vehicle prior to letting it on base.

The ultimate objective of every Air Force operation is security—for our Airmen, our bases and our country. Utilizing their broad expertise encompassing weapons systems, antiterrorism, law enforcement, air base defense, industrial security and combat arm, Security Forces Officers ensure we achieve this objective. Directing air base defense functions, these professionals control and secure the terrain inside and adjacent to military installations as well as the personnel, equipment and resources within to continue keeping us safe.