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Enlisted Symposium Cultivates NCANG's Most Vital Resource: People

  • Published
  • By by Lt. Col. Robert Carver
  • Joint Force Headquarters, NCANG Public Affairs
No mission happens without quality people to see it through from start to finish.

"This is a monumental event," said 145th Airlift Wing, Command Chief Master Sgt. Maurice Williams, referring to the first-ever unit Enlisted Symposium held Aug. 14, 2015. "It provides a foundation that will help develop future leaders in the 145th Airlift Wing."

Held at the base recreation center near the unit's Charlotte Douglas International Airport headquarters, the symposium focused on the professional development of Airmen. Sponsored by the North Carolina Chiefs Council, the event hosted some 50 Airmen for a day of instruction on topics including the Air Force fitness program, career progression and how to write evaluation bullets.

Symposium organizers meant to impress on the next generation of leaders that not only is superior job performance a prerequisite for advancement, but how you represent yourself also impacts how far and how quickly an Airman can climb the ladder. That's why they included mock interview boards and even advice on how to properly prepare an official Air Force biography.

"We owe it to our young Airmen to set them up for success," said Williams. "If they don't know what they need to do and how they need to do it, then we've done them and our unit disservice."

The symposium extended beyond just military-related topics. Airmen attending could get lessons in how to handle their personal finances from experts on site. Personal finances not handled well can often spill over into an Airman's military career with many potential adverse consequences.

"This was a wonderful event and an investment in our future." said Chief Master Sgt. Susan Dietz, Superintendent of the 145th Medical Group. "Our Airmen deserve to have more resources available to them to plan out their careers and make their goals achievable." 

Williams says the Chiefs Council plans to make the symposium an annual event.