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  • North Carolina Air Guard Sergeant Experiences British Culture

    Staff Sgt. Jason Chipley, 145th Logistics Readiness Squadron, spent two weeks with the Royal Air Force in the United Kingdom as part of the Military Reserve Exchange Program (MREP). This trip allowed Staff Sgt. Chipley to share his experience with the Royal Air Force and experience their culture.
  • ANG's Outstanding Senior NCO of the Year: Master Sgt Ashley U.P. Able

    Master Sergeant Ashley U.P. Able was selected as the Air National Guard’s 2018 Outstanding Senior Non-commissioned Officer of the Year.
  • Maintainers Learning at Every Turn and Torque

    A few months have passed since the April conversion from the C-130 Hercules aircraft to the C-17 Globemaster III aircraft, and members of the 145th Maintenance Group have wasted no time training as many of their Airmen as possible. The Monday following the official conversion they initiated a 90 day course with a Field Training Team to facilitated the training of 88 Airmen.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Day June 27

    In light of the upcoming June 27, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Day, it is important to mark the difference between post-traumatic stress and post-traumatic stress disorder as, over time, the difference has become muddled.
  • North Carolina Air National Guard Ravens—A Class of Their Own

    Treading on the heels of a recent Safety Down Day, where the North Carolina Air National Guard briefed aircraft and mission safety, the 145th Security Forces Squadron graduated four Raven apprentices in a first-ever, 4-day, pre-Phoenix Raven Indoctrination class, June 10, 2018, held at the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.
  • STARBASE: Keep Moving Forward

    What do you get when you mix a handful of knowledgeable volunteers, some principles, theories and laws, rocket materials, and a group of bright-eyed, young students? The annual STARBASE Camp has come to the North Carolina Air National Guard Base at the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport June 18-21, 2018 with more than twenty 4th, 5th, and 6th graders having the opportunity to learn exciting science, technology, engineering, and math applications that will help them launch a rocket and hopefully, ideas for their future.
  • 145th Airlift Wing Welcomes New Commander and Makes History

    The North Carolina Air National Guard makes history during a Change of Command Ceremony by welcoming the first female commander of the 145th Airlift Wing, Col. Bryony Terrell. Regardless of gender, Terrell is the perfect fit to command a unit of nearly 1,300 Airmen as they complete a transition to the C-17 Globemaster III aircraft.
  • A Box Full of Appreciation

    Girl Scouts from Troop 20436 of Denver, N.C., spent their morning handing out Girl Scout cookies to members of the North Carolina Air National Guard for the fifth year in a row. This event allows Troop 20436 to show appreciation for military members through their famous cookies.
  • North Carolina Air National Guard Conducts Safety Down Day

    A Safety Down Day was mandated by the Air Force Chief of Staff, Gen. Dave Goldfein, in the wake of a recent string of aerial mishaps including the WC-130 Cargo aircraft from the Puerto Rico Air National Guard that crashed in Georgia early May, and included the fatalities of all service members on board. The North Carolina Air National Guard suffered it’s own tragedy in the summer of 2012 when a C-130 Hercules crashed while on assignment to assist fighting the wildfires engulfing South Dakota, resulting in the loss of four North Carolina Guardsmen.
  • North Carolina Air National Guard Celebrates with State Special Olympians

    The air buzzed with excitement and anticipation as members of the North Carolina Air National Guard awaited the arrival of State Special Olympians for the 33rd Annual Special Olympics Day at the Races held at the Z-Max Pavilion next to the Charlotte Motor Speedway, May 24th, 2018. The Guardsmen arrived early to help set-up the food and tables, hand out mementos, and greet the athletes and their families.