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Change of Command Signifies Changes in Logistics Squadron

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Stephen Wilkins
  • 145 AW Public Affairs
As Lt. Col. Robert Krebs assumed command of the 145th Logistics Readiness Squadron January 10, the organization looked vastly different than it did when his predecessor, Lt. Col. Frank Murphy took the reins not long ago.

But during a ceremony signifying the change of command, Lt. Col. Krebs stated he was pleased to be there, telling unit members it would be "my honor to serve with you."

The organization has undergone several streamlining changes that, although transparent to the typical customer, have thrown a few loops for squadron staff members. The adjustments spawned organizational and personnel changes requiring creative minds and patient dispositions.

Presiding over the ceremony, Col. Clarence Ervin, 145th Mission Support Group Commander, with jurisdiction over the squadron, thanked Lt. Col. Murphy for taking risks, speaking his mind and admitting mistakes when appropriate. He said Col. Murphy's approach represented strict adherence to Air Force core values of integrity, excellence and service, providing the best platform for moving the unit forward. Ervin added that in getting the job done, "I don't want yes people, I want the best people."

Lt. Col. Murphy thanked the men and women of the unit, expressing gratitude for their attitude, hard work and professionalism through the changes. "We prevailed," he said, adding, "this squadron is positioned to go to the next level."

Among recent changes, the 145th Aerial Port Squadron, affectionately known to many around base as the "All Purpose Squadron" merged into the 145th LRS in April 2008 after several years' reorganization deliberation at the Air Force level to maximize service efficiency to all National Guard flying units.

The movement (of Aerial Port into LRS), transparent to customers, was an "evolution into the unit" as an equivalent section, according to Chief Master Sgt. Jeffery Stines. The Chief, currently Supply Superintendent claims the professionalism and pride of every individual in the unit effected a smooth, relatively easy integration.

The Squadron recently stood up the Distribution Branch, affecting unit structure and improving service, but should go unnoticed to most customers, except that they may notice speedier receipt of goods and services. Stines said the responsibility for Vehicle Operations has also moved from Vehicle Management to Transportation Management Section.

Many sections in the squadron were regionalized as of December 1. The intent again is to improve customer service without affecting what the customer sees. The Mission Capable Parts, Stock Control, Equipment Management and Records Management sections will all be managed from Scott Air Force Base, IL.

With the toughest part of the changes out of the way and the squadron looking forward to carrying out the intent of the new changes Lt. Col. Murphy said "The best is yet to come," for unit personnel.

Lt. Col. Krebs, a C-130 Hercules Instructor Navigator and former Officer in Charge of the 145th AW Command Post operation has been shadowing Lt. Col. Murphy several weeks said he is impressed by what he has seen. "I couldn't have asked for a better organization to step into," he said.