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We are Defenders Too

  • Published
  • By by Tech. Sgt. Julianne M. Showalter
  • 145th Airlift Wing

145th Security Forces Squadron Airmen, or Defenders as they're also know, are responsible for the force protection and security of the base, but they couldn't complete this mission without the support of Officers from P & G Security Services. The Officers are not only trained to the same standard as Airmen, but are treated as part of the team.

"They augment security forces as part of our full time security teams. It's extremely important they're here because the only way we can support the security operations requirement is through contracted security," said Master Sgt. Michael Stamper, 145th Security Forces Squadron.

The 145th Security Forces Squadron provides security and law enforcement for the North Carolina Air National Guard Base, including installation entry control, commercial vehicle inspection, anti-terrorism and force protection, and entree detection for the base perimeter and restricted areas.

Officer Bobby Gallman, P & G Security Services said, "I love it out here and the people I work with. I served in the U.S. Army until 1986 as a Private 1st Class, and got into security in 1992. I like working on the base because of its professional attitude."

To work for the 145th Security Forces Squadron, the officers must pass additional training requirements which make them equally qualified as they're military counterparts.

"We require each Officer to complete duty position qualification training, which is the same training that we put our Airmen through. They are held to the same standard," said Stamper.

Training doesn't end there, Airmen and P & G officers train side by side almost weekly on various weapon systems and use of force.

"They do very well, are very professional, and we afford them the same opportunities as our military folks," said Stamper.

"We go through the same qualifications and they know we work just as hard, so we're not treated any differently. It doesn't matter whether you're a Master Sgt. or P & G, you're treated the same. It makes for a good work place, and a place you want to be," said Office Landon Beard, P&G Security Services.