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145th Logistics Readiness Squadron supports Hurricane Irma Relief

  • Published
  • By by Tech. Sgt. Julianne M. Showalter
  • 145th Airlift Wing
In response to the state of emergency declaration by North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper on Sept. 7. 2017, the 145th Logistics Readiness Squadron was tasked to provide aide to the Logistics Support Center warehouse in partnership with the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, Division of Emergency Management, which provides supplies such as water, meals, blankets and tarps should Hurricane Irma cause significant damage.

Warehouses located in Badin and Tarboro serve as central points to distribute commodities to counties in need. The Badin warehouse is located 90 minutes east of the North Carolina Air National Guard Base making it a prime location for Airmen to provide aide.

“In case we’re needed, we wanted to be proactive and get out here for the impending hurricane,” said Staff Sgt. Joshua Ingle, 145th Logistics Readiness Squadron.

Aaron Deese, the warehouse manager with the Division of Emergency Management, talks about what daily operations will be, “We can send out supplies right away as well as receive more as they come in and are needed. The military supports us with warehouse operations by loading and unloading trucks, and getting things on the way to people in need.”

The warehouses currently hold over 450 meal pallets and 100 pallets of water containing 270 gallons apiece which are ready for distribution to shelters or common access points, if needed.

“We’ll be working directly for the Division Emergency Management. I’m a public servant, and it’s in my nature to want to help. This opportunity arose, and duty calls, I felt like it was my responsibility to help,” said Master Sgt. Kenneth Fisher, 145th Logistics Readiness Squadron.

All 11 Airmen assigned to aid the Logistics Support Center warehouse volunteered for the duty leaving loved ones at home to weather to hurricane.

“It certainly was a little nerve racking, in the beginning, when it looked like Charlotte was in the direct path. I’m leaving my wife, who’s new to the military, and we have a small child. From my perspective it can be a stressor. I’m proud to serve and I’m sure everyone that’s here is proud to join in the effort too,” said Fisher.

Ingle also said, “This is the reason why I joined the Air National Guard. It instills a sense of pride in me to be here. I understand that my family is at home and alone, but at the same time I’m out here giving back to the community.”