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Air Reserve Policy Committee Questionaire


We have a representative providing the C-17 field perspective to the Air Reserve Forces Policy Committee in October.  This input goes directly to the Secretary of Defense.  This board has helped the reserve component gain access to equal benefits under the GI Bill Fairness Act, improved retirement and Reserve Component Benefits Parity Act.  They are our voice for policy change, let’s use it!

This is not the time to be shy… I know you all have opinions, gripes and great ideas…  I need your inputs by Wednesday September 18th!  You are encouraged to share this challenge down to the newest airman.

  • Roadblocks “Top 3 issues that challenge Airmen”
  • Success Stories “Ideas/Initiatives that help Airmen”
  • #1 Wishlist “What would I try to change if I were SecAF for a day?”

Reserve Forces Policy Board:

Mandated by Congress, it serves as an independent adviser to provide advice and recommendations directly to the Secretary of Defense on strategies, policies, and practices designed to improve and enhance the capabilities, efficiency, and effectiveness of the reserve components.

Some examples of the changes they have impacted are found here: https://rfpb.defense.gov/Reports/

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We Need Your Ideas!