Environmental Commitment Statement

29 August 2018



SUBJECT: Environmental Commitment Statement

1. Protecting the environment is one of our highest priorities and will be a major factor in decision-making. The 145th Airlift Wing located at the Charlotte Air National Guard Base and at geographically separated units in Stanly County is dedicated to continued improvement of our environmental performance. The Wing endorses the implementation of an installation-wide EMS and a commitment to compliance with federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations and other requirements in accordance with AFPD 90-8.

2. The 145th Airlift Wing activities currently encompass a new mission conversion to C17 aircraft with the support of corrosion control, aerospace ground equipment, vehicle maintenance, administrative functions, and facilities maintenance. The Stanly County GSU includes the associated units of the 263rd Combat Communications, 118th Air Support Operation Squadron, 235th Air Traffic Control Squadron, and the 145th CES Prime Beef Regional Training Site. In all activities, we will seek to:
a. Promote the conservation and sustainable use of natural and manmade materials;
b. Prevent environmental pollution and minimize waste generation;
c. Build environmental concerns into all policies, programs and missions;
d. Integrate environmental information into all levels of management;
e. Achieve continuous improvements in environmental performance over and above regulatory and legislative requirements;
f. Work in partnership with all stakeholders to promote waste reduction; and
g. Set environmental goals, measure progress, and take corrective action when necessary.

3. The 145th Airlift Wing has achieved an enviable environmental record within the Air National Guard. Through continued emphasis on being good stewards of the environment, we prove that we are good neighbors and citizens within the City of Charlotte and Stanly County.

4. Compliance with this Environmental Commitment Statement is the responsibility of every member of the 145th Airlift Wing and everyone working on behalf of the 145th Airlift Wing, including contractors and visitors.

5. This policy is made available to the public by posting on the Wing's public website. Questions concerning this policy should be addressed to Sam Ingram, Environmental Manager, 704-391-4327.