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Economic Impact Statement

C-130 Aircraft fly above the city of Charlotte

U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Nate Dennis, flight engineer for the 145th Airlift Squadron, conducts checklist procedures prior to take-off in a C-130H Hercules aircraft at the North Carolina Air National Guard Base, Charlotte Douglas International airport, Aug. 5, 2017. The C-130s were part of an 8-ship fleet bound for a tactical training mission involving airdrops and a flyover above uptown Charlotte.

Economic Impact Statement 2017 = $104.3 million

Active Duty Military: 104
None-Extended Active Duty ANG/Reserve Traditional and DSG's : 1390

Total Military: 1494

Total Military Dependents: 3460

Appropriated Fund Civilians (Title 32 and 5): 248

AFFES Civilians: 2

Subtract - Title 32 and 5
Total Personnel: 1496

Military Pay
Active Duty Military: $11,723,156
Non-Extended Active Duty ANG/Reservists: $21,466,514

Total Military Pay: $33,189,670

Civilian Pay
Appropriated Fund: $20,248,312
AFFES Civilians: $55,500

Total Civilian Pay: $20,303,812

Job Creation
Total Number of Jobs Created: 758
Average Annual Salary: $50,150

Estimated Annual Dollar Value of Jobs Created: $38,013,700

Contract Expenditures
Non-Appropriated: $0
Military Construction Program: $2915,925
Medical Service Contracts: $185,125
O&M (MILCON/Service Contracts): $1,617,531
Security Forces Service Agreement: $676,901
Fire Service Agreement: $2,384,200
FOMA (incl. salaries and supplies): $4,557,002
Tuition Assistance: $306,171
Contract Lodging: $197,755

Total Expenditures: $12,840,610

Economic Impact
Total Payroll: $53,543,082
Contract Expenditures: $12,840,610
Value of Job Creation: $38,013,700

Total Economic Impact $104,347,792