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N.C. Air National Guard: "Best Part-Time Job In America"

We are currently recruiting for Tactical Air Control Party (1C4X1), Broadcast Journalist (3N0X2) and Para Legal (5J0X1). To find out if you qualify please call one of our recruiters at 1-800-354-6933.
Enjoy benefits including: Extra Cash, Money for College, Cash Incentives, Life Insurance, Dental Insurance, Free Retirement, Training, Travel, Accredited Associate
Degree Program, VA Home Loans and more!

Pilot Training

The 145th Airlift Wing and the 156th Airlift Squadron is receiving applications for undergraduate pilot training (UPT).

This position is open for all commissioned officers or those eligible for a commission in the ANG. All interested applicants should contact MSgt Joe Laskowski by email at joseph.laskowski@us.af.mil.   For more detailed instructions please download the attached document: UPT Announcement.doc

Package Inquiries

For questions concerning your application package or eligibility please contact MSgt Laskowski by email at joseph.laskowski@us.af.mil.

Education Benefits

Up to $4500 a year for tuition and books if you attend Colleges or Universities in the state of North Carolina.

State Retirement Benefit

When a member has 15 years of service in the NCNG they become eligible for a state retirement of $99.00 a month for 20 years of military service and an additional $9.90 per month for each year over 20 years maxing out at $198.00 for 30 years of service.

Public Affairs is now Hiring!

The NCANG PA office is currently looking to fill positions for one broadcast journalist and one photo journalist.

  • Broadcast Journalists record video and create news stories to tell the Air Guard mission. They put together thirty second to minute long news packages using the latest editing software. This career field requires submission of voice audition, contact the recruiting office for details.
  • Photo Journalists capture the Air Guard mission through photography and written stories. Our photographers learn basic and advanced camera techniques and gain experience in the APA writing style. Some of our personnel have even been published in major military magazines.

Just look at the front of this webpage, the North Carolina Air National Guard Facebook page, or the 145th Airlift Wing DVIDS page to get an idea of the exciting things Public Affairs gets to be a part of. If this looks and sounds like the job for you, call or email the recruiting office today!

Medical Benefits

Expenses paid while on state duty, field training or in drill status.

State Tax Advantage

Your entire military benefit is excluded from N.C. taxes ONLY if you qualify under the Bailey decision...5 years of vested service as of August 12, 1989.

Group Insurance

Group life insurance coverage up to $50,000 for unit members, $25,000 for Spouses and $10,000 for each child thru the N.C. National Guard Association.

Members can also purchase Servicemembers Group Life Insurance (SGLI) in increments of $50,000 up to $400,000.